The shareholders of  WALLTEC have more than 35 years experience in the construction of composite objects. They are co-founders of several companies that successfully deal with the construction of composite objects. Some of these companies still work with patents of WALLTEC shareholders. The images below give a small overview of the huge number of realized objects.






New SKINTONG walls with Aluminium surface


The JA100HAUS - the first house with SKINTONG walls - built up in Germany


Design and construction of a 20m meter houseboat made with prefabricated composite moldings. here during transport on the way to the water.


Design and construction of a 20m long mobile houseboat entirely of composite plates.


Design and construction of the first skintone house for the indian market. the house can be built turnkey in 2 hours.


Design and construction of a composite office building in Abu Dhabi for the construction company Tamier. The multi-storey building has a 12 meter high entrance hall which extends cantilevered over 24m. it consists of 100% of composite plates without a steel or concrete substructure.


Construction of a two storey family houses in arab style. Here the building from the outside should look the neighboring houses that were alreadry built in concreate. while all the other houses already have cracks and were repaired partially consuming the house stands still and looks thanks composite exactly like the first day.



Design and construction of self-sufficient houses in Zambia. The 85 square meter homes are powered by solar cells have underground water and wast water tanks at the same time form the foundation of the house. The construction was carried out entirely by local workers.


Construction of a work of art for the american artist Romeo Brito at the Tutankhamun exhibition in London. The composite pyramid is almost 30 meters high and is considered the highest composite structure worldwilde.


Design and construction of traditional african round-roofed houses. Translated and performed with modern composite plates. Particularly noteworthy are the rounded shapes made of straight boards by a specially developed bending method.


Design and construction of self-sufficient house for africa. The houses does not need electricity because solar panel with batteries are available. They collect rain water from the roof and store it in large tanks underground. A biological sewage treatment plant purifies the wastewater so that it can be reused. price per house under $10,000.


Design and construction of low cost houses for india. The house has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a bathroom with toilet and shower. Everything under $5000 including furniture and construction on site.


Design and construction of houses for the housing program in venezuela. The building stands on a huge water tank which is also made of composite. In it the rainwater is collected from the roof for than to be used in the dry season.


Design and construction of a two-story office building. Gangway and pontoon are also made of composite plates. The floating officeis located in hamburg and defles there for more than a decade of tide and the ice conditions in the winter.


Design and construction of floating houses. This completely in composite built two story house was mounted on just one day direct on site at the water and handed over to the customer


Design and construction of motor catamarans for private use. Hull and superstructure are made entirely fo composite panels which were produced on a vacuum table and then adhered by cold deformation to a yacht.


Design and construction of scenic motorcatamaranen in composite. The boat in the picture is 30m long and is approved for 150 passenger. It just celebrated its 20th anniversary in action in the bahamas.


Design and construction of the "Miami Voice" movie car, a replica of the classic Ferrari Daytona Spider where the body was built entirely in composite.


Design and construction of high performance sailing catamarans in composite construction.